Business mentoring & strategic planning
Business mentoring & strategic planning

To be successful in business you need to plan to succeed.

This is achieved by absorbing strategic advice into your business and getting support from people who have been there before you.

Our purpose is to work with you and your business through every stage of its development and by building a strong working partnership this ensures that we understand how your business operates from the markets it trades in, to the financial and operational issues you face.

We will work together to devise a business strategy that takes all the relevant factors into account to ensure your business is setup for long-term profitability and success.

Business start-up services

  • Develop a business blueprint
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting & cashflow forecasting
  • Raising of capital funding

At BIR Partners we specialise in micro and small to medium entities and through working with these types of businesses for more than ten years we have developed valuable experience helping these businesses grow.

The needs of a small business operator are very rarely simple, there are many things which can impact on your business including but not limited to cash flow movements, stock levels, staffing and usually your time is limited to fix them.

Our aim is to provide advice which can assist in alleviating these stresses and help unlock the full potential of what your business can achieve. Having the right systems in place can improve your businesses efficiency and by implementing a structured plan, we can help you lead your business to wherever you wish to take it.

BIR Partners aims to make your business and yourself as successful as possible. We will do this by providing tailored solutions to assist in identifying your strengths and possible opportunities, and also create strategies to reduce risks and improve weaknesses. This is done by reviewing the business, developing a plan then providing ongoing mentoring and support.

Having a plan to work towards will result in savings and efficiencies that will allow your business to be competitive and profitable in what is now a very uncompromising global marketplace. Building your business will enable you to build your wealth and make your business work for you not just allow yourself to work in the business.

Tailored ongoing business services

  • Business reviews
  • Ongoing reviewing, monitoring and strategic advice
  • Strategic plans
  • Yearly budgets & cashflow forecasts
  • KPIs & benchmarking
  • Business succession
  • Systems and procedures implementation
  • Support services including bookkeeping and staff training
  • Customised reporting functions at weekly, monthly, quarterly intervals

Proactive strategic planning and business advice is vital in ensuring the things you do in your business are done at the correct time to maximise the investment of time and money you make into the business and to ensure all possible opportunities are seized upon to improve your bottom line.

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