Business structuring & start-ups
Business structuring & start-ups

Starting your own business is an exciting adventure, but it’s not one to undertake uninformed and doing so runs the risk of it quickly becoming an overwhelming experience!

We often see that new business owners have lacked reliable advice and make decisions about the business structure and overall strategy that turn out to be costly in the long run. By sitting down and formulating a step by step plan with BIR Partners, we can make this experience as easy and worry free as possible and ensure that you have the right structure from day one.

If you are considering starting a new business or buying into an existing one then there’s a lot of information you need to consider. One of the most important decisions is electing which business structure to use. When choosing the most beneficial structure you must consider

  • Long and short terms objectives
  • Inherent risk of the business
  • Taxation & regulatory requirements
  • Access to limited liability provisions
  • Succession planning options

There are various structures to think about when starting your own business or buying into an existing one; including operating as a sole trader, partnership, trust or company.

Each of these structures have different benefits and shortcomings therefore selecting the most suitable structure is crucial. Your individual situation will be different from anyone else so BIR Partners will design a business structure what will best suit your own circumstances and provide the best tax, asset protection, wealth creation and strategic planning outcomes.

We can arrange the setup of your chosen structure including all legal documents, registrations and statutory requirements and we will then keep these up-to-date for you as necessary.

Effective structuring of your new businesses facilitates:

  • A business structure that is the most tax efficient in both the short and the long term
  • Risk minimisation and asset protection
  • Minimisation of compliance costs
  • Enable advantageous funding options and operational efficiencies to help grow your business
  • Transition of ownership in the case of family business succession

Our aim is to provide professional advice from a position of experience and care so we will assist through the whole process. Explaining each step to ensure that all matters are clearly defined and any issues can be raised and discussed in an open manner, so together we can find a business structure that yields the best results for your business.

We can help guide you through important steps, including:

  • Choosing a business structure including taxation and legal aspects
  • Registering your ABN, GST and business name
  • Setting up record keeping and accounting systems
  • Ensuring you understand your tax and legal obligations
  • Help to arrange business insurances
  • Employer obligations including superannuation, PAYG and WorkCover
  • Record keeping requirements and accounting software options
  • Buying a business or franchise
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Business insurances
  • Preparing a cash flow budget
  • Vehicle & equipment finance options

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