GST, BAS & bookkeeping
GST, BAS & bookkeeping

Balancing the books can be a burdensome task for many business owners, who often have to complete this after hours eating into time usually reserved for other aspects of their life.

Why not let us lighten the load and help you streamline your bookkeeping duties with a combination of software, forward-thinking processes and expert advice.

The ability to have up to date information from your accounting system is exceptionally important in making decisions and we will allow you to make things happen in real time not months or a year after the event.

We will also be able to assist with all queries of what transaction goes where, which results in greater quality of information and less audit risk while also increasing efficiency.

There is no more need for emails to be sent back and forward between you and your accountant or even worse having to back up your software files and mail it to their office. Our use of cloud based software means both of us are looking at the same accounts in real time, making problem solving easier and reducing time taken to rectify issues.

Having a monthly reconciliation done as part of our services will also assist in the timely lodgement of your BAS requirements, this keeps the ATO happy as well as allowing information to be available for your other stakeholders. This can include lending institutions when they need up to date financial reports for a loan or your when a financial planner needs to know your current financial position when updating your financial plan.


BIR Partners have chosen to partner with Xero to deliver a software solution that provides our clients with an effective and efficient cloud based accounting system.

More information can be found on our Xero & Cloud Accounting services page. Click here to find out what Xero can do for you and your business.

We will provide ongoing assistance to regularly work with you and maintain a fully reconciled and complete set of accounts for your business. We keep a watchful eye on your accounts, working behind the scenes to make sure transactions are in the right accounts and to also take care of the technical items, letting you get on with running your business.

As a Xero partner we can provide

  • Xero training
  • Xero bookkeeping
  • Xero financial management
  • Xero setup & conversion from other programs

How BIR partners can make a difference

We can provide a tailored service which will allow you to allocate more time and resources on doing what you do best – running your business. Using our services to keep you in control of your business accounts will result in

  • Timely reporting to the ATO
  • Accuracy and high quality information for reporting
  • Ensures the correct amount of GST and PAYG is reported and paid
  • Staying on top of your records so it never gets put in the “to hard basket”

Our assistance during the year means that we can efficiently and effectively complete year end accounts, reports and tax returns while keeping cost to a minimum.

We have packages for monthly ongoing options for businesses of all types, sizes and in varying stages of their lifecycle from start-ups to fully established and we can take into account how much support you require and your budget.

Our approach to working with clients is to take a long term position, we want to build something not provide a quick fix. We work closely with you to create efficiencies within your business, we do this so that your business will be running at maximum efficiency and profitability. Allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your success.

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