Investment properties & negative gearing
Investment properties & negative gearing

There are many questions that need to be considered when thinking of purchasing an investment property

  • Is it financially beneficial for me to purchase an investment property?
  • Should my investment properties be owned by a trust?
  • Is it best to be positively or negatively geared?
  • How can I claim building depreciation?
  • What expense can I claim against any rental income?
  • How will having a investment property effect my tax return?
  • If I sell the property will it be a capital gain or taxable profit?
  • What are my obligations when declaring any income from my investment property?

These are all very important questions that need to be explored when thinking about commencing a property investment. We at BIR Partners specialise in tax accounting services and advice for property investors and their property investment portfolios.

We have the expertise to work through each of these questions with you in a way that is helpful and in a language that you can understand and not just based on technical jargon.

With our help we can develop an effective investment strategy that can:

  • Maximise the tax effectiveness – maximise your tax deductions
  • Structure your investment portfolio – tax planning for sale of property
  • Optimise your returns – owners split to maximise effectiveness
  • Asset protection – which is the most suitable structure to purchase the property

Many of our clients have investment portfolios that are comprised of a combination of trusts, companies, SMSFs and shares in or ownership of small to medium enterprises. We can help you structure your property investments to maximise your deductions and protect your assets.

Our responsive, accurate and reliable service will bring you confidence and piece of mind knowing that your tax obligations are taken care of by us.

BIR Partners offer the following services for property investors

  • Pre purchase planning & advice
  • Negative gearing
  • Property tax returns
  • SMSF property acquisitions
  • Property planning strategies
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding variations
  • Capital gain tax analysis and tax planning
  • Property portfolio analysis and wealth-building
  • Advice for property development businesses
  • Record keeping for property investments
  • Setup and structuring of investment entities, including property trusts
  • Preparation of property schedules for your tax return lodgements

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