Loans, mortgages & equipment finance
Loans, mortgages & equipment finance

BIR Partners has developed a strong strategic alliance with an unaffiliated broker group which means that not only do you get access to over twenty two lending institutions you also get independent lending advice.

There are many advantages gained from the use of a broker instead of the usual institutional options.

By using our broker service you will have the:

  • Ability to get the best possible interest rate
  • Structure the loan to meet your individual needs
  • Restructure debt effectively and minimise repayment terms
  • Get friendly and professional advice from an independent source

In an environment that is often complex, our experienced finance consultants are committed to assisting our clients in a professional and efficient manner.

When using our consultants they will deliver appropriate financial advice, together with a variety of finance options for you to choose from. This results in a recommended finance solution built on suitable competitive loan products that are matched to your needs.

This is a significant benefit given the limitless and overwhelming amount of finance choices available to clients to consider. We are also committed to constantly reviewing, negotiating and arranging your future finance requirements in an efficient and cost-effective method.

Services provided cover

  • Residential Mortgages
    • Residential Loans
    • First Home Buyers
    • Investment Loans
    • Debt Consolidation & Refinancing
  • Business Loans
    • Business Finance
    • Business & Construction Loans
    • Commercial Property Loans
    • Franchise Lending
  • Vehicle Finance
    • Hire Purchase
    • Chattel Mortgage
    • Novated Lease
    • Car Loans
  • Equipment & Plant Finance
    • Equipment Rental
    • Asset Lease
    • Chattel Mortgage
    • Commercial Hire Purchase

The ability to independently purchase business assets and equipment is an important tool to utilise as part of your business plan and allows you to take advantage of strategies for limited asset liability and effectively manage the cash flow of your business.

Each lending option has varying impacts on tax, GST and FBT and this can be hard to navigate, but with our assistance we can help find the best solution for your business. We are committed to finding the best interest rate combined with the most appropriate package to save you interest and tax.

Through our affiliated broker group we can find the best lending solutions to get you the result you need.

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