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The use of effective tax planning gives you the ability to permanently minimise your tax liability as much as possible within the boundaries of the current taxation laws using proven tax structures and tax planning strategies.

It is our aim to provide you with the most effective information to use when making decisions, giving you the best opportunity to find ways to reduce tax and build wealth. To do this, it is vital that tax planning is carried out in advance to ensure that we can take full advantage of any transaction or decisions you may be about to undertake.

Tax advisory is a complex and changing area which requires careful navigation of taxation legislation, where the right advice can make a difference and the wrong advice can result in non-compliance.

Our tax consultants have extensive experience in assisting clients with the structure of their business and personal affairs to meet their current and long term financial needs. We understand the business issues that people face on a day-to-day basis and, by combining this with our experience and up to date tax knowledge, we can provide personalised tax planning advice and solutions to meet your combined business and financial needs.

Issues Tax Planning Can Assist With:

  • ATO compliance obligations & issues
  • Review of current procedures & processes
  • Tax treatments of business & investment transactions
  • Reduce the burden of tax obligations
  • Work in partnership towards your desired outcomes
  • Flexible implementation
  • Technical updates & training for yourself or employees

We all have an obligation to pay tax, but few people are aware of what can be done to manage this and even fewer take the correct steps to reduce the burden of tax through effective tax planning. This is why it’s important to organise the services of a professional tax planner and tax consultant.

It is vital before commencing a business or investment transaction to consider the implications of asset protection, taxation and compliance while allowing for further expansion. The selection of an appropriate structure and ownership vehicle for these purposes is of significant importance and our tax reduction strategies provide guidance considering all these factors.

BIR Partners will collaborate with you to fully understand your current financial position. In consultation with you, we will effectively reduce tax liability and manage your tax planning by providing timely, accurate, proactive, and personally focused tax solutions, designed to:

  • Identify and manage your tax risks
  • Maximise opportunities by considering their tax implications
  • Ensuring compliance with ATO regulations

The Benefits of Partnering With Us for Tax Planning

  • Review & then implement a systematic approach to direct and indirect taxes
  • Streamline your obligations relating to income tax, BAS, GST, PAYG, FBT, capital gains tax, payroll tax and stamp duty
  • Efficient and effective preparation of end of year financial statements, reports and tax returns
  • Improve the productivity and profitability of your business while maximising your business’s resources
  • Assurance that your tax obligations will be completed to a professional standard and ensure that you are in full compliance
  • Minimise transactional errors which can be costly due to ATO penalties & fines

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